How to Connect USAutomatic Linear Actuator Cable to the Control Box

USAutomatic Control Box and Linear Actuator Connection

The control box should be securely mounted to an object or solid surface. Customers typically mount the control box to the gate's adjacent fence or support posts next to the gate actuator. The control box will need to be properly mounted to support the weight of the box and internal components, including the battery, control unit, and wiring. Before wiring the actuator to the control box, be sure to have assembled the linear actuator to the mounting bracket and gate bracket. For more information regarding linear actuator mounting, check out the following articles.

When deciding where to mount the control box, you will need to consider landscaping issues, such as sprinklers and shrubs, as well as the limitations of the actuator cable, which is 8 feet. If the control box cannot be mounted within those eight feet, please visit 8 Steps to Splice USAutomatic Linear Actuator Cables for Dual Gate Systems .

USAutomatic gate opener system control boxes are designed with knockouts for conduit fittings. These knockouts are located on the bottom right of the control box to limit debris, water entry, and damage. Actuator cables should be routed through the 1 1/4 inch knockout and secured with a 1 1/4 inch plastic grommet. These knockouts are designed to be punched out as needed for accessory wiring. Note: We recommend using conduit for all wiring entries.

Connecting the Actuator Cable to the Control Box

Connecting the actuator cable to the control unit is simple once the actuator cable has been routed into the control box. Secure the cable to the control box using the supplied cable clamp and nylon nut.

Once secured, you need to plug the end of the cable into the control board.

USAutomatic Linear Actuator Cable to Control Box

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