How Do I Connect My Automatic Gate to WIFI?

You may enjoy the convenience of an automatic gate opener but would like more freedom on when and where to open and close your gate. With the latest technology, you can open and close your gate without even being in the same country! And if you have a USAutomatic gate opener, setting WIFI with a Nexx Gate WIFI Controller is easy. This additional accessory for your USAutomatic gate opener has no subscription fee, unlike other gate openers with built-in WIFI, so you will never have to pay again.

What Exactly Is The USAutomatic Nexx Gate Controller?

This “companion device” for USAutomatic gate openers allows up to eleven people to open, close, and check on your gate from anywhere. This WIFI- and Bluetooth-enabled device can be used with Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Things, and Siri. Not only are these features available on the Nexx Gate Controller, but it has many more options.

Key Features:

  • Has Gate Open And Close Status
  • History Log Available To See Who Opened And Closed Gate
  • Can Allows 11 Users
  • Notification Sent If Gate Is Opened Longer Than Programmed Time

How Do I Install The WIFI Nexx Gate Controller?

Installing this device is easy!

To install your gate controller:

  1. Make sure your gate opener is compatible, Bluetooth is enabled on your device, and the WIFI signal is strong at the gate.
  2. Install the Nexx Home App.
  3. After this, make an account with Nexx.
  4. Then, use the DB9 to DB9 cable to connect to the control board.
  5. Once done, check that the Nexx device has the orange light on. If not, press the reset button.
  6. Then, go to the Nexx Home App and press the plus sign to add a device.
  7. Once this is completed, you can mount the cabinet. You can either attach the receiver to the shelf if it is a plastic box or use the mounting studs on metal cabinets to attach the receiver.
Nexx Home Mobile App

Once you have completed all these steps, you are done installing your device!

Make Your USAutomatic Gate Opener Compatible With WIFI and Bluetooth

Since USAutomatic gate openers are made in America, you can be sure you are getting a high-quality product that will not break easily. However, if you are looking for more ways to control your gate, adding a WIFI and Bluetooth controller can let you do more with your gate opener.

Nexx Gate Controller