Patriot RSL Gate Opener Product Overview

USAutomatic's Patriot RSL automatic slide gate openers are the residential equivalent of the original heavy-duty Patriot slide gate openers. Standard features of all USAutomatic gate opener systems include maximum power efficiency, multi-cycle battery backup, solar accessory compatibility, mobile app compatibility, and UL325 certification. The Patriot RSL series has both a solar and AC-charged gate opener model. There are a few differences between the two units in terms of specifications and a few differences between the kits USAutomatic Gate Openers offers.

Patriot RSL Gate Opener Specifications

USAutomatic Patriot RSL Gate Opener

Let's look at the common specifications of the Patriot RSL solar and AC-charged gate opener models:

  • Single slide gate compatible
  • Residential, light, commercial, farm, and ranch application
  • Maximum gate size/ travel distance of 32 feet
  • Maximum gate weight capacity of 800 lbs.
  • Inline gear motor with built-in break assembly
  • Opening/Closing speed of 1 foot/second
  • Adjustable soft/start/stop with pulse width modulation software
  • Mechanical adjustable rotary limits
  • Adjustable timer-to-close (2-120 seconds)
  • Painted galvanized steel frame with padlock compatibility
  • 3/5 year warranty
  • Easy access pull knob manual release
  • Pad or post mount compatible
  • UL325 Class I, II, III, IV
  • Proudly made in the USA

Patriot RSL Solar versus AC Charged Gate Openers

There are only two notable differences between the solar and AC-charged gate openers. These units are obviously powered differently. The solar unit utilizes solar power, and the AC unit will require AC power to operate. In either case, a 12V DC battery is required. Another difference is the opening travel distance. A solar unit will open the gate 24 feet, and the AC-charged unit will open the gate 32 feet. The last difference is what is included in the kits; all Patriot RSL Gate Opener Kits include a prewired LCR dual-channel receiver, a 2-button remote transmitter, and two sets of photo eyes. The solar unit will also come with a solar panel and mounting hardware.

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If you have further questions about the Patriot model gate openers or other USAutomatic gate operator systems, accessories, or replacement parts, please reach out to our friendly sales representatives. If you like to learn, please explore our Resources Hub for informational and instructional content regarding USAutomatic gate openers.

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