How Do I Program My USAutomatic Gate Keypad?

USAutomatic gate opener keypads are easy to program and only require a few steps before installing this transmitter replacement. USAutomatic gate keypads are weatherproof and tamper-resistant, offering a convenient way to control your gate without requiring other bulky hardware.

How Do I Program A USAutomatic Gate Keypad?

US gate keypads already come with the factory default of "11111." This must be changed to ensure superior security when someone attempts to access your gate.

Changing The Access Code:

Twenty-four unique codes are available, so you can create a custom 1 to 5-digit code to open the gate. If you choose a code with less than five digits, a # sign after the code needs to be entered. If you create a 5-digit code, you will not need this sign after the code.

Difference Between Master Password and Access Code

Remember that there is both a master password and an access code. The master password is the most important code to remember when controlling the system. With a master password, you can:

  • Insert New User Codes
  • Cancel Stored User Codes
  • Replace Master Key

  • Since, just like the access code, the master password is set to "11111," you'll need to change this as well. First, focus on changing the master password and then the access code.

    How to Program the New Master Password

    1. First, enter the default master password: "11111."
    2. Then, enter "8." Two beeps will be heard if entered correctly. If one drawn-out beep is heard, start over.
    3. Enter the new master password (remember, you must add # if less than five numbers).
    4. After, press "8." If your password is saved, two short beeps will be heard. If a long beep is heard, start from step one.

    How to Program the Access Code

    1. First, enter the master password.
    2. Press "9." If correct, you will hear two short beeps; if not, you will hear a long beep.
    3. Enter your chosen access code (remember to place a # if less than five numbers).
    4. Press "9" once again.
    5. Enter the same access code you chose.
    6. Press "1" if this code is for relay 1. If for relay 2, press "2."
    7. If this is correct, two short beeps will sound. If not, a long beep will be heard.
    8. Next, move your keypad to the location the receiver is set.
    9. Enter the access code for either relay 1 or 2, depending on which one you have programmed.
    10. Press the access code on the keypad. Red lights should blink on the keypad. You may need to enter it multiple times.
    11. Then, press either the P1 or P1 (learn button) on the receiver until you see a green light (LD) come on.

    While these are some basic instructions on programming your USAutomatic gate keypad, viewing the user manual will give you all the necessary information you may still need.

    User Manuals

    Manual for USAutomatic Wireless Keypad 050500

    Manual for USAutomatic Premium Wireless Keypad 050551