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Metal Photo Eye Kit 12/24 VDC - USAutomatic 550014

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With a range of 65 feet and the ability to have the eyes rotate 180 degrees, these rugged metal photo eyes are perfect for increasing the safety of any gate.

Metal Photo Eye Kit 12/24 VDC - USAutomatic 550014


Photo eyes are a device used to keep your gates as safe as possible by creating a beam between two units, when this beam is broken it will stop the gate from closing, protecting vehicles and pedestriants. With a swing gate, it is recommended to use two sets of photo eyes for the best accident prevention.

Photoeye Setup

One set of photo eyes pointing across the drive on the outside of the hinge post (A). The second set mounted across the drive at the point where the gate is fully opened (B). The photo eye must be installed where the gate does not break the beam.

This set of photo eyes are in a rugged metal housing, with eyes that are capable or rotating 180 degrees! These photo eyes use an input of 12V AC/DC or 24V AC/DC.

This photo eye kit has a range of 65 feet.

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SKU 550014
Manufacturer USAutomatic, Inc.