USAutomatic Gate Openers for Farms & Ranches

US Automatic Gate Opener Ranch Install

Whether you have acres of land or are just starting your farm operation, a secure gate opener is necessary for vast lands. One of the best gate openers for this purpose is the Patriot I. This gate opener includes a photo eye, receiver, two transmitters, and solar panels. It has everything you need to set up a solar automatic gate opener.

USAutomatic Patriot I Swing Gate Opener

The Patriot I swing gate opener can handle 650 pounds of gate weight and 16 feet of gate length. This is a solar-friendly gate opener. This operator has a rigid arm that is difficult to break off, and best of all, it is made in the United States. Quality manufacturing practices allow this gate opener to be placed in remote areas without wiring since it is solar-powered.

Key Features:

  • Made In The USA
  • Warranty For 5 Years On Control Board And 3 Years On Other Components
  • Solar Or AC Charged With Solar-Friendly Smart Charge Controller
  • Built In Timer-To-Close
  • 12 Second Cycle Time
  • Single Or Dual Gate Compatible
  • Can Work With Various Solar-Friendly Accessories
  • Great For Remote Ranches And Farms

Solar-Friendly Patriot Gate Opener

If you are looking for a gate opener that is heavy-duty enough to last a long time on your ranch or farm and can hold heavy gate weights, the Patriot I is the right swing gate opener for you. This swing gate opener has a long warranty and is compatible with solar accessories. Plus, combined with The Nexx WIFI Gate controller, it can be used with Bluetooth and WIFI on your phone. These Patriot gate openers also come in kits that include solar panels, safety signs, and transmitters.

If you have any further questions about USAutomatic Gate Openers and how they can be utilized on your farm or ranch, don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

USAutomatic Swing Gate Opener