US Swing Gate Openers Product Comparison

Regarding USAutomatic swing gate openers, there are several options. Despite all these high-quality gate openers being created in the U.S., you may need clarification on which one is solar-compatible or can handle your gate weight. This product comparison will help you narrow down your selection.

Patriot I AC Charged Single Swing Gate Operator

The Patriot I was created for residential locations, for light commercial use, and use on farms. It can open fast in only 12 seconds. It has an extremely reliable battery backup with a built-in timer. If you are looking for a reliable swing gate opener, the Patriot is the right choice!

Key Features:

  • Created For Swing Gates Of Up To 16 Ft. And 650 Pounds
  • Has Sensitivity Adjustments For Gate 1 And 2
  • Can Open Fast At 12 Second Cycle Time
  • Can Works With Solar-Friendly Accessories Without Using A Solar Panel
  • Either Solar Or A.C. Charged With A Solar-Friendly Smart Charge Controller
  • Has A Pre-Wired, Solar-Friendly LCR Dual Channel Receiver
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Patriot II AC Charged Dual Swing Gate Operator

The Patriot II is similar to the Patriot I but can be used for dual swing gates. If you have ever needed a quality dual-swing gate opener, the Patriot II has a 5-year warranty for the control board and a 3-year warranty on the other components. This gate opener works for residential, light commercial, farm, and ranch use.

Key Features:

  • Created For Dual Swing Gates Up To 16 Ft. And 650 Lbs. Per Leaf
  • Built In Timer-To-Close
  • Soft Stop Selectable For Swing And Slide Gate Openers
  • Same Control Board Used For Single, Dual, And Slide Openers
  • Created In The USA
  • Includes Danaher 24” Linear Actuator Offering 500 Lbs. Of Dynamic Thrust And Static Hold Load Rating Of 1,000 Lbs.
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Ranger 500S Single Swing Gate Operator

If you’re not looking for a swing gate opener with as much power as the Patriot but would still like a durable one, the Ranger is created for you. The Ranger is a next-generation, low-voltage gate opener with industry-first limit switch technology and an external reset. This operator’s linear actuator can be mounted in two positions, which makes it easy to hide behind the cross member of the gate.

Key Features:

  • Made To Handle Gate Weights Of Up To 13 Ft. And 400 Lbs.
  • Created In The United States
  • Created For Residential, Light Commercial, Farm, And Ranch Use
  • The Exclusive Danaher 16” Linear Actuator Delivers 400 Lbs. Of Dynamic Thrust And A Static Hold Load Rating Of 1,000 Lbs.
  • Built In Timer-To-Close
  • 3-Year Warranty On All Components
  • Battery Powered With Real Battery Backup
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Ranger II 500S Dual Swing Gate Operator

If you’re looking for power, the Ranger II Dual Swing Gate opener provides operating power to two automatic swing gates and comes with two linear openers. This dual swing gate opener was created in the United States and is AC-charged. It has a warranty of three years on all components and has a pre-wired friendly LCR dual channel receiver.

Key Features:

  • Created For Dual Swing Gates Up To 13 Ft. And 400 Lbs. Per Leaf
  • Independent Gate 1 And Gate 2 Sensitivity Adjustments
  • Includes Hinged Control Box Cover
  • Photo Eye Power Management (PEPM)
  • Danahar 16” Linear Actuator That Can Deliver 400 Lbs. Of Dynamic Thrust And Static Hold Load Rating of 1,000 Lbs.
  • Includes Photo Eye
  • Bolt-On Kit Option Available
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Ranger HD Single Gate A.C. Charged Swing Gate Operator

If you like the Ranger but are looking for a longer linear actuator with more moving power, the Ranger HD fits this need. The Ranger HD has a 24” stroke linear actuator with a pre-wired solar-friendly LCR dual channel receiver. The Ranger HD is highly versatile and can work for residential, commercial/general access, industrial, and restricted access locations.

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty 24” Stroker Linear Actuator
  • Max Gate Weight: 800 Lbs.
  • Max Gate Length: 16 Ft.
  • Metal Galvanized Box
  • Battery Powered With A Real Battery Backup
  • Can Operate With Various Accessories
  • Electronic Limit Control On Board
  • PWM Soft Start And Soft Stop
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Choosing A USAutomatic Gate Opener

If you need help determining which USAutomatic gate opener suits you, contact our helpful sales representatives. They will help point you in the right direction based on your usage, sun coverage, gate weight, and length. USAutomatic gate openers are created to last many years, and since they are made in the United States, they are built with top-quality materials.

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