Solar Panels for Ranger 500S Gate Openers

The Ranger gate opener systems and accessories are all designed to be solar-friendly. This means that they require minimal energy to perform well. The solar compatibility and abilities of USAutomatic gate openers make them popular among ranchers, farmers, and others who live in rural or remote areas. The Ranger 500S gate opener series by USAutomatic includes both single and dual gate opener kits and AC-charged and solar-charged versions of the single and dual gate opener packages. The difference between the four total Ranger 500S gate opener kits is the number of actuator arms and whether the kit includes the solar charging kit. If you decide later to convert your Ranger 500S AC-charged gate opener to a solar unit, that is entirely possible with a 10-watt solar panel.

USAutomatic Ranger 500S Solar Charged Systems

Both the Ranger 500S Single and Dual Swing Gate Operator kits include (an) actuator arm(s), a control board, a set of photo eyes, a siren, a receiver, and two transmitters, as well as the *Solar Panel Kit* which includes a 10-Watt solar panel, mounting hardware, 15 ft of cable, and a DC power plug. Additionally, a *12-volt battery is required for operation.

The 10-watt solar panel that is included is sufficient for both single and dual swing gate operation. It is important to keep the panel clean and mount it to collect the most sunlight. The placement of the solar panel greatly affects the number of cycles it can run. Extension cables allow you to move the solar panel 500 feet from the control box. Generally, it would be best to position your solar panel to face south or southwest.

How to make a Ranger 500S Gate Opener Solar?

If you had previously purchased a Ranger 500S single or dual AC-charged gate opener kit but would like to convert it to a solar system, maybe to be more environmentally friendly or energy efficient, all you must do is purchase and install the *Solar Charging Kit. This kit includes a 10-watt solar panel, mounting hardware, a 15 ft cable, and a DC power plug. You may also need a 12-volt battery and a cable extension. Remember: The placement of the solar panel will greatly affect the opener’s cycle limit.

Gate Cycles Per Day Solar Charged System

The following chart is a conservative estimation of the regional zones, hours of solar radiation, and the number of cycles a solar Ranger 500S gate opener can run daily. The map shows North America's various regions or zones and how many hours of solar radiation they receivedaily. If you live in a region with what you may consider an unsatisfactory amount of solar radiation and estimated cycles per day, we recommend adding another panel.

Gate Opener Zone 1 Estimated
Cycle Ability
Zone 2 Estimated
Cycle Ability
Zone 3 Estimated
Cycle Ability
Ranger 500S Single Gate 41 Cycles/Day 66 Cycles/Day 133 Cycles/Day
Ranger 500S Dual Gate 21 Cycles/Day 36 Cycles/Day 75 Cycles/Day

Ranger 500S Solar Accessories

If you have further questions about solar gate openers or solar-friendly accessories, please reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help you find everything you need!

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