How Can I Program My Gate Opener To Open With My Phone?

Program Gate Opener With Phone

Regarding USAutomatic gate openers, many customizable options can help you make your gate opener work with the latest technology. Suppose you are looking for a way to enable your USAutomatic gate opener to function with your gate. In that case, you can use the specially created US Automatic Nexx Gate Wifi and Bluetooth Smart Gate Controller to help your phone open and close your gate.

USAutomatic Swing and Slide Gate Openers

Whether you have a swing or slide gate opener, you can use Nexx Gate Wifi and Bluetooth Smart Gate Controller to take control of your gates. This weather-resistant companion device works with most USAutomatic gate openers and is even compatible with UL 325 obstruction sensing devices. This gate opener device allows you to control your gate from anywhere in the world. You can use this device with Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Things, and Siri.

You only need to download the Nexx Home App to program this device. This app is compatible with Android and Apple phones and was created to complement USAutomatic gate openers.

How Do I Program The Nexx Gate Wifi and Bluetooth Gate Controller?

It is easy to program your controller to a compatible gate opener. First, you must download the app and open the Nexx Home App. Once you finish this, you can either use the DB9 to DP9 cable or follow the select wiring for your device.

Interface Cable Connections For Patriot Control Board

DP9 Pin # DP9 Wire Patriot Gate Opener Connections
1 Red Control Board J2 Pin 1
2 Black Control Board J2 Pin 2 or J2 Pin 7
7 Yellow Control Board J2 Pin 2 or J2 Pin 7
3 White Patriot Actuator Cable Close Limit (White Wire - Pull To Open) (Orange Wire - Push To Open)
9 Green Control Board J2 Pin 3

After you finish wiring, the orange light should be on. If the orange light is not on, you must press and hold the factory reset button with a paper clip until the orange light is on.

After this is done, you must add the device to the Nexx Gate app by tapping the plus sign.

Do I Need To Pay A Monthly Subscription To Control The Gate With A Phone?

The best part about the Nexx Gate Kit is that, unlike other gate opener Wifi devices, you will not need a monthly subscription. That way, you can save money instead of spending it on costly subscriptions. Just connect and add the app, and you can control your gate from anywhere in the world!

Patriot And Ranger Gate Openers

If you have either a Patriot or Ranger gate opener, it is compatible with the Nexx Gate Wifi and Bluetooth Gate Controller. The best part about the Nexx is that you can share control with other authorized users, so your family or friends can also control your gates. When controlling your gate with your phone, use the Nexx Gate Controller for ultimate control.

Nexx Gate Opener Controller