How a Heavy-Duty Weld-On Gate Hinge Improves US Automatic Gate Opener Performance

If you have a durable gate and a USAutomatic gate opener, you may forget about one thing – the hinge on your gate. After all, no matter how well a gate opener and gate work, if the hinge is not strong enough for your gate, you’re in for a not-so-great time when that hinge makes the gate sag or hang ajar. Especially if you are using your hinge on a farm or ranch gate, you’ll need something sturdier to help you out.

D&D SHUT IT BadAss Hinges For US Automatic Gate Openers

Regarding durable hinges, D&D hinges, especially the SHUT IT line, cannot be beaten. Whether you have an aluminum or steel gate, these hinges can help you secure your gate. Most of these hinges can be welded on a gate, offer maximum durability, and carry heavy gates from 300 to 1,500 pounds.

Some Of D&D’s Most Popular Weld-On Hinges:

D&D SHUT It Combo Badass Weld-On Gate Hinge

D&D SHUT IT Combo BadAss Weld-On Gate Hinge w/ Sealed Bearings - Aluminum (EA)

  • Two-Sealed Maintenance Free Bearings
  • Weld-On Installation
  • Body Material: Aluminum, Zinc Plated
  • Fits Aluminum Gate Welded To Steel Endpost
  • Maximum Gate Weight: 600 Pounds
D&D SHUT IT Heavy-Duty Weld-On Gate Hinge

D&D SHUT IT Heavy-Duty BadAss Weld-On Gate Hinge w/ Sealed Bearings - Steel (EA)

  • Fits Both Flat And Round Post Installations
  • Maximum Gate Weight: 1,500 Pounds
  • Yoke Material: Steel
  • Body Material: Steel, Zinc Plated Finish
  • Weld-On Installation
D&D Shut It Weld-On Gate Hinge With Sealed Bearings

D&D SHUT IT Face Mount BadAss Weld-On Gate Hinge w/ Sealed Bearings - Steel (EA)

  • Maximum Gate Weight: 1,100 Pounds
  • Finish: Zinc And Made From Steel Material
  • Maintenance-Free Bearings
  • Weld-On Installation
  • Corrosion Resistant

All these hinges offer the best performance possible with a maintenance-free design that will not need further oiling. These hinges are great for ranch or farm gates since they will work the lifetime of the gate. The frictionless movement due to the CNC machining allows for the most heavy-duty hinge on the market.

USAutomatic Swing Gate Openers With D&D Hinges

Not only are hinges an essential factor in upgrading your gate, but you also need a low-maintenance gate opener to go with it. USAutomatic gate openers are made in the US and are solar compatible, so you can place your gate anywhere and still have automatic operation. Two of the most popular USAutomatic swing gate openers, the Patriot and Ranger, have multiple versions to help you get the most out of your gate opener.

USAutomatic Ranger Versus Patriot Swing Gate Opener Line

USAutomatic Ranger Swing Gate Opener USAutomatic Patriot Swing Gate Opener
Max Gate Weight: 400 Lbs. Max Gate Weight: 650 Lbs.
Maximum Gate Size: 13 Ft. Maximum Gate Size: 16 Ft.
Includes Photo Eye Includes Photo Eye
Solar Compatible Solar Compatible

If you are still determining which gate opener to purchase, always leave some room in the gate weight. So, if you have a 400-pound gate, you should choose the Patriot since you will not be close to the maximum gate weight.

Best Heavy-Duty Weld-On Hinges For Your Gate

If you are in the market for weld-on hinges, your best bet is D&D SHUT IT hinges. These hinges are maintenance-free, are tested on one million open and close cycles, and many can be powder-coated after installation. Combine this hinge with a USAutomatic gate opener to ensure near-perfect gate operation every time.

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