Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can I get to work on my gate?
A: Look online or in your local Yellow Pages under "gates" or "fences".

Q: How do I program my USAutomatic keypad or add a code?
A: See programing instructions for USAutomatic keypad - click here.

Q: I would like to hold my gate open from time to time, overriding the auto-close timer. How do I do this?
A: Simply program your LCR receiver so that you can do this from your transmitter or wireless keypad. Instructions are in the Patriot owner’s manual under “Transmitter Right Button to Receiver Programming”.

Q: My automobile has a built-in transmitter that is supposed to be able to open my gate. How do I program it to the gate operator?
A: The answer is in the car owner’s manual. The first thing to determine is if the frequency at which the car transmitter operates is compatible with the frequency of the receiver located in your gate operator. USAutomatic LCR receiver operates at 433 MHz and programs to most late-model car systems. Contact the company responsible for the car transmitter for compatibility information.

Q: My Patriot control board has a 5-year warranty. What is not covered under the warranty?
A: Two items are currently not covered:

1. Lightning strikes/voltage surges that damage the control board
2. Battery acid damage that has destroyed the reliability of the control board circuitry. Maintenance-free batteries reduce the chance of this occurring.

Q: My Patriot gate operator is closing slow; what would cause this?
A: Most likely this is a sign of a battery failing or not being charged. Perform a load test on the battery to determine which is occurring. Load tests can be performed at any battery shop or automotive store.