Control Board For Ranger HD Swing Gate Openers - USAutomatic 500021

The Ranger Control Board is compatible with Ranger HD and Ranger 500 Swing Gate Openers. This control board is UL325 2016 compliant and is capable of operating single or dual gates.
Part Number: 500021

$278.99 each


Control Board For Ranger HD Swing Gate Openers - USAutomatic 500021

The control board for the Swing Gate Ranger HD and Ranger 500 is UL325 2016 compliant. It requires one monitored safety device to function and maintain its UL325 2016 status. The control board can operate on either Gate 1 or Gate 2 connector with one or two gates. The Ranger Control Board has a 3-year warranty.

The Ranger Control Board comes equipped with 4 troubleshooting measures. The first is the LED indicating lights. The lights will help identify the problem by pushing the "LED Indicator" button, illuminating the adjacent LED. The second feature is the "Open/Close Command" button. The third troubleshooting measure is the S4 push button. The S4 push button makes it possible to bypass entrapment devices allowing gate operation. The last is the low battery audible notification, alerting you with 3 beeps over 60 seconds.


  • Battery Life LED Indicator
  • Has Open/Close Command By Push Button
  • Designed For Single And Dual Gate Systems
  • Type D Protection With The S4 Push Button Feature
  • Red Control Board For Ranger Swing Gate Operators
  • S4 Push Button Allows Gate To Operate If J2 Accessory Plug Is Removed
  • Type D Button Bypasses Entrapment Devices, Allowing Gate Operation
  • LED Indicators Should Be Held Down To Diagnose Issues, Saving Battery Life Of System
  • Programmable Senistivity and Timer Adjustments
  • Easy and Quick Installation and Maintenance

Additional Information

SKU 500021
Operator Type Swing Operator
Model Ranger HD
Safety Rating UL325-2016
Manufacturer USAutomatic, Inc.